Lessons From a Rescued Dog:
The Super Teddy 6-Pack!​

Lessons From a Rescued Dog: The Super Teddy 6-Pack!​


In the Fall of 2009, Tina and I were blessed with a fuzzy bundle of joy who could stand in the palm of my hand.

His name was Maximus, a name bestowed by those who had rescued him. He was born to a stray Mama-dog in the streets of New Orleans. He came to us via a non-profit which transports animals from high-kill shelters to fur-ever homes in the Northeast.

After I joked that a dog weighing less than 2 pounds should be called Minimus, Tina rechristened him Teddy. The afternoon I spied him napping with legs splayed outward, wearing a red sweater/cape, that name expanded to ‘Super’ Teddy.

There is something about rescued animals. I swear they sense they’ve been blessed with a second chance, avoiding death by a whisker’s breadth, and they live life with a second helping of joy.

One day as he wrapped up a nap in his crate, Teddy was barking (my cue to ‘release the hound’) and I exclaimed: “You want to bust of that crate and have some fun, don’t you?”

And then it hit me: Bust..out...of...your...crate. 

As an entrepreneur, keynote speaker, author, radio host and video creator, I am trying to do this all the time. 

And the self-imposed ones can be the toughest to escape.

“I’ll be right back!”, I told Teddy, as I raced upstairs to capture it as the title for a new book.

Several months later, “Bust Out of Your Crate: Super Teddy’s Top-20 Tips for People to Be as Happy as Dogs” was released.

The lessons are simple. 


Here are some of our favorites:

Never Be Afraid to Start Small


Wherever you find yourself on the road to success, you’ve likely gained ground from where you began.


Nobody is born successful. Sure, some may have been handed greater advantages, but our results spring from the decisions we make and the actions we take. Who are your heroes, in life or in business? Where did their journeys begin?


If you examine the tech world, many began in garages and basements. Your favorite authors likely did not strike gold with their first books. Famous filmmakers rarely capture Oscars with their first shouts of ‘Action”. They all started small. You can too. Don’t shrink from that. Got a goal you want to achieve? Start!

Wake Up Every Day and Wag Yourself Happy

What are the first sights and sounds that greet your senses each morning? Are you on social media before your eyes are even focused? Have you memorized your TV remote so well that the bad news of the day is playing before your feet hit the floor? Does your morning commute feature rage-inducing political talk radio?


Try this: put something GOOD in your eyes, ears, mind or heart first thing in the morning. Got a favorite song? Play it. Is there a video that makes you laugh or feel great? Watch it. Is your faith important to you? Immerse yourself in it. The bad news can wait. It’ll be there when you’re ready. Start your day with something that puts you in a good place, on purpose…and wag away

Boo-Boos Happen. Get Back in the Game as Soon as You Can


You are going to screw up…in business and in life. These transformative moments will someday be reflected upon, and respected. As that 90’s song from Chumbawamba stated: “I get knocked down, but I get up again, you are never gonna keep me down”.


We all have setbacks, some of which are vital to our success. The key is to keep evaluating, keep trying, keeping getting back up again. Not always easy, but very necessary.

You Were Born Perfect. Be Happy With the Gifts You Were Given

It seems everywhere we turn, there is a look or behavior being glorified as ideal. Social media is a brutal battlefield when it comes to this. Please remember one thing: the lemmings who run off every cliff, chasing perceived perfection, are not you.


You are you. You have your gifts, which make you uniquely cool. As soon as you recognize your assets and talents, use them. The world does not need more Kardashi-clones. The world needs more you.

Always Leave Your Footprints So the World Will Know Where You’ve Been

Who are your heroes? Who inspires you? Do you understand what these people have done?


They have walked farther, climbed higher and sung their songs out loud so that the rest of us may learn and grow.


We are all somewhere on a mountain.


Those who go before us, blazing trails and reaching hands back to guide us are breathing life, beautifully, into this lesson.


How can you do the same?

Sometimes a Smile is All You Need for the World to Love You


During a recent call, one of my mentors shared a story about a client who set a goal to earn a certain amount of money so that, in his words: “I can help people”. After acknowledging this as a worthy endeavor, he asked the client: “Instead of waiting until you have all that money, what could you do to be of service…today?”

Sometimes we forget that we already have enough resources to make a difference in the world. It doesn’t take riches to change the world. It can start with one kind act, a compliment or a hug. Even a simple smile can ripple through someone’s day, causing a shift in a better direction.

What actions can you take today, inspired by these lessons?

How will you set an example for others to follow?

How could you bust out of your crate?

Super Teddy and I thank you, from the bottom of our fuzzy hearts, for investing your time in reading this article. 

If he had a tail, it would be wagging right now.

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