“Is This a Good Goal for Me?”

“Is This a Good Goal for Me?”


This may be one of the toughest questions I’ve ever heard someone ask.

When I heard those words, we were in the second hour of one of my live Vision Board events, when attendees begin to search for pictures/visuals to represent the goals we’d been ‘digging to discover’ during the first hour.

Some people know what they want.

Some don’t.

I could tell by this particular person’s face and body language that she was struggling with identifying goals which resonated within herself.

That made me a little sad.

By the way, there is nothing inherently wrong with that, it just means we may need to spend a bit more time digging.

What it could also mean is that this person has been beaten down so much (by life or the opinions of others) that she doesn’t even know what could/would inspire her anymore.

I’ve worked with people who shared stories of how they’ve allowed others to keep them in a box, not letting them ‘color outside the lines’.

And that’s really sad.

That’s how we wind up with people asking someone else: “Do you think this is a good goal for me?
When people ask me this, I often ask them a few more questions:

“Do you think achieving will make you happy?”

“Does it sound exciting enough to make you keep doing the work to get it?”

“What do you think you’ll do after you achieve it?”

I’m one of those people who believes that, as The Fixx sang back in the 80s: “One Thing Leads to Another”.

Goals are like tiki torches that lead us down a path through the darkness. 

One by one, we identify where the next one is, and proceed until we can see it...on and on, until we get where we need to go.

The danger of asking others if they think a goal is good for us, is that we may wind up being led down a path that is more meaningful for them than it is for us. 

At some point, they may succeed and fire off into a new direction, leaving you all alone in the dark, scared and unsure of where you wish to be. 

QUESTION: Where would you like this day/week/month/year to take you?

What would you like to experience or achieve?

Start small if you need to.

How can you put more of YOU into your goals...even just for today?

How can you honor your own path instead of ‘following the pack’ or being pressured down pathways dictated by other people?

How can you switch from “Is this a good goal for me” to “This is my goal...and here’s where I’m going…and here’s WHY”?

Believe me, the path gets more well-lit the more you honor yourself and follow your desires.

I used to walk the paths of others far too often, not letting my voice be heard.

That wasn’t their fault...it was all mine for allowing their voices to be louder than mine, in my own head.
I am truly digging my path now.

It has gone from a single match in the darkness, me saying “I want to go this way”, to a roaring torch which lights my way, every day.

Does it ever dim?

Of course it does.

That’s why I surround myself with the best people I can find, whom I’ve met as they travel paths close to mine.

We support each other, cheer each other on, and shine some light on the paths that others choose to travel with us, even if only for a short distance until they find their own way. 

I challenge you to take a moment today and ask yourself if what you are doing, and where you are headed, resonates within you.

Are your path and roster of goals you are pursuing...really yours?

If so, great!

If not, how can you make adjustments and start the journey toward owning your goals and never having to ask anyone else: “Is this a good goal for me?” 

This is the exact reason that the “Engaging Your WHY/Vision Board Mastery” program was created. it allows you to dig, at your own pace, to get closer to what it is you really want in life.

If you’re not sure, that’s cool. I don’t want to be ‘just another voice’ that is trying to out-muscle yours...but if you feel like a cool conversation could be helpful, go to SteveChats.com and set up a simple, free call with me.

What do I want most, for you? 

I want your voice to be the loudest one in your head, even if that means inviting things like my program and my messages to whisper in your ear to help keep your fire burning brightly, torch to torch. 

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Steve Gamlin

Motivational speaker, Author and VisionBoarder Steve Gamlin, has helped clients the world over achieve their goals, using his powerful Vision Board Mastery learning program, guiding you through the process from SEEING your goals, understanding your WHY behind each one, and building an ACTION PLAN to achieve them. Click the button below to continue your journey with Steve!

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